Four Ways to Style Lingerie

Four Ways to Style Lingerie

Alright ladies, enough is enough! Your lingerie is just too damn cute to be hidden away. The possibilities to style your sets are endless but here are four ways to get you started on making your underwear outerwear.

Girls on Top

Lingerie hailey bra with blazer

There's nothing sexier than taking hyper-feminine lingerie and pairing it with the masculine lines of a blazer. There’s just something about it that is oh so sartorial. We recommend going with high-waisted bottoms and an oversized blazer to offset the amount of skin showing and finishing with a sleek pair of heels. Date night sorted!

Styled with the Hailey bra


Sleek and Subtle

Luna bra sheer shirt

Pair your bra with a matching sheer blouse for a sweet yet cheeky look. This can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion: cute shorts for bottomless brunch with the girls or tucked into some tailored trousers for a Saturday night in the city.

Styled with the Luna bra


Urban Adventure

Maria bra with overalls

This is a great look for the warmer seasons, think strolling the summer markets or day trips with friends. Replace the standard crop or tee you would usually reach for with overalls and go with a comfy lace bra or bralette. Pair with sneakers and you’re ready to explore.

Styled with the Maria bra


Not-so Casual Fridays

White shirt with Maison bra

It’s so easy to take a casual look from day to night with just a few minor adjustments. Whether you decide to be a bit bold and completely unbutton, or play peek-a-boo with just a shoulder moment, revealing your lingerie 

Styled with the Maison bra


While showing off your delicates in your daily wardrobe can be intimidating, by focusing on the finer details of your look and taking inspiration from lingerie’s essence, you can flaunt it without ever feeling like you’re revealing too much.