5 minutes with Mikayla Klewer

5 minutes with Mikayla Klewer

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Day job:



Star sign:




Nelson Bay



In one sentence, what describes you and your daily hustle: 

Always on the go and not enough hours in one day


What do you love most about what you do?

I love to inspire people and proving the industry wrong motivates me everyday.


Tell us what your favourite F&AD piece is? 

The loren set 😍


What is your best listen? 

We the wild ones podcast 🤣


What is your most treasured thing in your wardrobe? 

Mums vintage jeans from when she was my age


On a Sunday you can find me…  

Drinking coffee and at the beach


What did you wish you knew 5 years ago? 

That life really is hard and that nothing comes easy so hustle hard 


Do you have a signature scent? 

Olympéa by Paco Rabanne


What are you grateful for today? 

For such supportive people in every corner of my life (family, friends, social media, work).


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Loren set