5 minutes with Ariana Whittingham

5 minutes with Ariana Whittingham



Star sign:




Gold Coast


Day job:

I wear many work hats… but at the moment I am WFH starting my own company “ECOCIOUS” it is launching this year and it is a sustainable online marketplace for fashion, beauty & accessories (in size its comparable to the iconic/ far fetched but what sets us apart is its exclusively hosting sustainable brands which are also high quality and “on trend”).

I am also content creating with positive influence online for sustainable brands as well as freelance modelling for selective local brands that I love. 

I come from a background in digital marketing, content creation and social media however it was all self taught as I actually studied a chiropractic degree for three years before I let my creative side run wild.

In one sentence, what describes you and your daily hustle:

Living each day by doing things that make living right now special as well as working towards all of my future goals.  Daily: exercise, creation, connection, feeding my body and mind in the most nourishing ways and positive self talk 24/7.

What do you love most about what you do?

I finally feel like what I do has importance, and is making a difference.

I love that I am strong enough to only partner with sustainable brands - I know that I'm being genuine online which has surprisingly only made my community closer.

I feel better connected to everyone which has made me fall in love with my job all over again so now when I connect with brands, I go above and beyond.

Tell us what your favourite F&AD piece is?

I am o b s e s s e d with the black bailey set (so much so, i'll be wearing it for myself this valentines day)

The white Avery set is also extremely flattering!

What is your current book recommendation?

The alchemist is a forever must read <3

What is the most treasured thing in your wardrobe?

Okay a really materialistic answer here but I love being real with everyone so… has to be my Stella McCartney designer handbag. It is not what I would save in a fire but it's extremely sentimental as I bought it for myself after my first long (5 year) relationship ended. At the time it symbolized complete independence (I don't need no man kinda vibes haha) not only that but the brand is really sustainable and a lil boujee - just like me. (I have worn it to death, so Stella if you’re reading this I may need an upgrade).

What inspires you daily?

As cheesy as it sounds; I'm inspired by life - in all aspects.  I've always been an “open-eyed dreamer” new soul energy kind of person... I'm excited by so many things and I think this excited childlike nature I have that keeps me craving more life experiences and growth.

Best advice from your mum?

Hard to choose one as my mum is abundant with amazing advice (I go to her for guidance for absolutely everything) but this one is relevant to right now… “you can either let life happen to you and be an eternal victim of this situation or you can adapt to it and keep going in a different direction towards the same goal.” This was when I was resenting getting an office job to pay for my new business venture after giving up my dream job/s in London and moving home due to covid 19.

Do you have a signature scent?

YSL Black opium!

What are you most grateful for in this moment?

Honestly... everything. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude at the moment.

Top 3:

1 - My family

2-  Australia

3-  My improved mindset towards myself - I have taught myself self acceptance & self love during the pandemic, I feel like a new woman and she's here to stay!


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